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We then used customers views to refine this into a single preferred plan, which was also tested with customers for acceptability. These tariffs are payable annually by each customer per billed site. This is to ensure customers views are considered as the company develops its business plan; To challenge the phasing, scope and scale of work required to deliver outcomes, including legally prescribed standards and the requirements of other regulators; and To advise Ofwat on the effectiveness of the company s engagement, and on the acceptability to customers or otherwise of its overall business plan and bill impacts.

We will provide a safe and reliable water service that complies with all necessary standards and is available when our customers require it. We recognise that these costs are uncertain. The Company has used its Willingness to Pay research to support its outcomes selection; however, this research was not intended for that purpose.

The Company used the combined research interpretation and consultation feedback independent report by OPM to develop their final outcomes.

The CCG was disappointed that in presenting its Draft Business Plan for Consultation, the Company declined to include any data on shareholder dividends and directors salaries, which had been raised by customers in deliberative sessions.

Many road closures over recent years, justified as being part of the replacement of our Victorian supply system, have enhanced customer awareness of this issue Metering A majority of customers accept that metering is a fair way of charging for the use of water, and that metering might have the impact of reducing some customers excessive use of the increasingly scarce resource.

The proceedings of the Group have necessarily included the presentation of significant confidential and business-sensitive information and in signing a Confidentiality Agreement each member of the Group confirmed that such material was not to be shared with the bodies that members of the CCG represented.

Page 8 12 Table 4 Stage 2 Acceptability Results Overall Acceptability Not acceptable Uninformed 29 out of 29 0 Informed of plan content 29 out of 29 0 Informed of inflationary impact on bills 28 out of 29 1 out of 29 From these results we concluded that our plan is acceptable to a large majority of business customers.

Stage 1 acceptability - Testing four service packages The first stage of acceptability testing involved asking customers to tell us how acceptable four different service packages with different investment and bill impacts were and to identify which of the four they preferred.

In our planning we considered carefully whether there should be any wholesale funder water efficiency programmes for non-household customers.

We will provide a safe and reliable waste water service that complies with all necessary standards and is available when our customers require it. The CCG expressed concern at the implications of these significant potential increases in customers bills, reflecting considerable customer concerns on the issues Company finance The changing ratio between debt and equity in company capital structures and corporation tax issues in the water industry have, as a result of much media attention, become widely known to customers and are likely to be matters of concern to them.

And we will, because we know it matters to our customers.

Bristol Water PR14 Business Plan

Bad Debt We have analysed the impact of an increase in bad debt of 0. The WRMP forms the supply and demand section of the Business Plan Water reuse versus developing new resources Many customers are at first surprised to learn that water companies bear significant responsibility for environmental protection.

Input cost pressure We believe that we will face input cost pressures on our non-household retail costs that are beyond management control. Thames Water defined four customer groups, which it used to ensure that samples for quantitative research were representative, not just of demographic information, but also of the variety of customers opinions and attitudes, and to recruit customers to qualitative research events such as focus groups to ensure the varying views of different segments were captured in its research.

However, Thames Water has used the information provided by the Environment Agency to make an allowance for funding these uncertain obligations once they have been confirmed.

However, it does not anticipate any material changes in its overall response.Five month secondment to Thames Water, supporting the Wholesale business and managing a dedicated assurance team for the company's /18 annual reporting to customers and Ofwat on its Performance Commitments and other associated regulatory reporting (Cost Assessment, PR14 Reconciliation, CC Water and EA reporting).Title: Water management consultant.

3. Five-year Business Plan to Contents. From the Southern Water Board. page 4. Our vision. page 8.

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Responsive customer service Your bill. page • Anne Heal, Chair, Thames Water Customer Challenge Group Biographies can be found in Appendix 1. Business plan briefing. Thames Water. 5. 2. Key business plan metrics PR14 to PR19 [max. words].

Inputs /18 year average CPIH deflated Business plan briefing Thames Water. Thames Water. Title direct line: pr14 business plan thames water moving at district Maryland. 6 Bristol Water PR14 Business Plan that no customer should be worse off as a result of the market opening process and separation of price limits between retail and wholesale.

Our non-household retail costs are driven by the costs of billing and meter reading; bad debt costs and the costs of the Open Water Programme we will incur at market opening.

The two exceptions are Yorkshire Water (25% cut in Ofwat’s table; the company cites a 40% cut between in its business plan executive summary) and South Staffs (23%). Per capita consumption Companies seek to improve on the /18 average of litres per person per day, most edging it down to the high s or s.

Pr14 business plan thames water customer
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