Importance of population education

Why is education important? Educational theory[ edit ] A class size experiment in the United States found that attending small classes for 3 or more years in the early grades increased high school graduation rates of students from low income families. It seems that many of the things we learn in a normal education are irrelevant in our day to day lives, however we are learning to learn and if we are good at that then we are able to pick up more easily what is required to be successfully in our chosen field of expertise and be able to expand on it.

The importance of art education,is for us to evaluate our selves on how we connect with our sorroundings. It is the basis of culture and civilization. It Builds Character The words 'cultivate' and 'civilize' are synonymous with 'educate'.

For example, a much higher population projection results from a model that combines data from individual states as compared to the overall national projection, since states with higher fertility rates eventually add up to a higher national population projection. Collaboration Health education is also highly centred on the collaboration of two or more parties.

Not learning how to do simple useful tasks can stop you from holding any sort of job that can earn you food and lodging.


Inthe Indian Space Research Organisation launched EDUSATa communications satellite providing access to educational materials that can reach more of the country's population at a greatly reduced cost.

In everyday life we use what we learn in school: They play a key role in developing children into responsible citizens and good human beings. Contrary to senators, of which every state has two, the number of representatives per state are determined solely based on population.

ByIndia is expected to surpass China as the world's most populous country due to higher fertility rates and a younger population. The global campus online, led by American universities, allows free access to class materials and lecture files recorded during the actual classes.

A country's literate population is its asset. These surveys found concern for: The model was then used to show the population projection changes within scenarios that combine different levels of these factors. India is developing technologies that will bypass land-based telephone and Internet infrastructure to deliver distance learning directly to its students.

Historically, human population control has been implemented with the goal of increasing the rate of population growth. As we know the population is growing very rapidly and effects in a great way, population education is needed to controll the population growth and to improve the better quality of life.

On leaving school, we are all set to soar high in life, and enter the real world in pursuit of our dreams. Most countries have realized this. Real education is obtained from the lessons taught by life. You made your friends thereBecause education level across all of India has increased over time, and is associated with a lower fertility rate, the same projection may predict a drastically smaller population when accounting.

Why is Education for All So Important? What is Education for All and What Progress Have We Made? Education for All (EFA) is a global commitment to provide quality basic education for all children.

Why is Education So Important? Something We Don't Think of But Should

UN Population Fund, State of World Population The Promise of Equality. UNFPA, New York,p. 47 • Former U.N. Ambassador Bill. Quick Answer. Population education is important in countries that are in danger of overpopulation because it informs students on population trends and aims to promote having smaller families.

Educating students on population dynamics was introduced in many Asian countries during the s. As technology, continues to evolve, so does the importance of health education become even more paramount. However, this can be a rather broad subject and it is, therefore a good idea to break the material down into several sub categories so that the importance of each can be better understood.

The census reports human population trends, a central focus of PopEd curricula. In order to create relevant materials to teach about population and human impact on natural resources, environmental quality, and human well-being, the Population Education programs relies on data supplied by the US census.

The importance of education cannot be stated enough. It is a self-enlightening process. It is crucial to the overall development of an individual and the society at large.

Read on to find more about why education is so important.

Importance of population education
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