Checking out me history

A lot is revealed about the duchess here. However the words 'struggle' and 'hopeful' also present her as a real woman fighting for freedom in real historical circumstances.

Going against the Eurocentric view that was imposed on him in Guyana Lack of punctuation — punctuation is a restriction as we are told we must use it.

AQA GCSE Eng Lit Paper 2: Power and Conflict Anthology Scheme

It also includes extension and revision materials, as well as other general information about Language, Languages, and Language Learning. However from the mid point of the poem the tone begins to change. The poem gives examples of powerful black figures from history, often involved in conflicts themselves in one way or another.

Armitage uses a simile to compare him to a 'basket of washing'. However, rather than being angry about being a stereotype, the character is happy and content.

The poem explores ideas about cultural identity- particularly looking at how ethnic cultures fit into Western British society. The half-rhymes here also emphasise the contrast between the circumstances of the beggar in his desperation and the person they are asking for money from.

The first stanza is full of comparisons between the speakers family and Brendons family. The poet feels angry about the limited version of history he has been taught.

The short lines suggest that these historical figures have been excluded or marginalised from history as it is taught at school or as it appears in official history books.

If you're using a newer browser, update to the current version of YouTube. Perhaps the 'secret' worked because the horses responded to the foals blood on the 'spongy tissue'.

Select Remove from watch history to the right of the video details to remove a video from your watch history. He argues for more freedom to learn about icons from other cultures- reflecting multi-cultural society more accurately.

Singh Song is a poem written from the perspective of a newly-wed Indian shop-worker in Britain, and tells the reader about his relationship with his bride and how this affects his work.

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When he describe the white figures he is taught about he is matter-of-fact and very succinct, but discusses the black figures in longer and more expressive detail.

Both Agard and Blake explore the power of those in authoritative roles such as the government. The beggar's resentment at having to beg is apparent from the way he speaks at the start of the poem, in a tone that could be considered sarcastic.

Florence Nightingale was a highly reputable and devoted nurse during the Crimean War, known for making rounds in the middle of the night with her lamp to care for wounded soldiers.

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Checking Out Me History Lines The final lines of the poem reflects the first verse in nature, adding on two very important lines, wherein the narrator declares that they are unwilling to accept one side of the story of history, and are searching for themselves the truth behind what they are told in a classroom.

Checking out me history

The rhythm of the final line, in iambic pentameter, creates a feeling of steady onward movement - like that of the seemingly endless 'lone and level sands' described.Poet John Agard describes the process of writing his poem 'Checking Out me History'.

He explores where the ideas behind the poem came from. His commentary is illustrated with school scenes and his. Checking Out me History - Analysis using SMILE Notes. Make notes on this video: Save.

GCSE Poetry Notes for Study - Checking Out Me History

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His poem, “Checking Out Me History” is a good example of this, and it is a fun poem to read, being not only entertaining but also interesting, informative, critical, and layered with postcolonial content.

the poem explains how only British history and culture has been taught, so the speaker is 'checking out' Caribbean history for himself; there is a clear sense that the speaker's history and identity have been deliberately withheld from him, presented through the metaphors.

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Checking out me history
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