Aviation weather reports

These changes occur through the processes of evaporation, sublimation, condensation, deposition, melting, or freezing.

The atmospheric level above the tropopause is the stratosphere, which extends from the tropopause to a height of aboutfeet 50 km. A pilot can usually contact an EFAS specialist from 6 a.

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During the day, land heats faster than water, so the air over the land becomes warmer and less dense. This information is recorded in Aviation weather reports flight plan system, and a note is made regarding the type of weather briefing provided.

All of these factors affect the length of time and the angle at which sunlight strikes the surface.

Aviation weather

While the METAR code has been adopted worldwide, each country is allowed to make modifications to the code. Motion in the atmosphere, combined with moisture, produces clouds and precipitation otherwise known as weather. The speed of the wind is depicted by barbs or pennants placed on the wind line.

In addition to this, pilots provide vital information regarding upper air weather observations. Surface aviation weather observations Surface aviation weather observations METARs are a compilation of weather elements of the current weather at ground stations across the United States.

The relationship between relative humidity, temperature, and dewpoint. T is a breakdown of the temperature and dew point in eight digits separated into two groups of four. When the temperature of the air is reduced to the dewpoint, the air is completely saturated and moisture begins to condense out of the air in the form of fog, dew, frost, clouds, rain, hail, or snow.

At higher altitudes, with a decreased atmospheric pressure, takeoff and landing distances are increased, as are climb rates.

Aviation Weather Products

Learn at Your Own Pace Each report and forecast is broken down by weather group - allowing you to quickly jump to areas you need to study. Circulation patterns are further complicated by seasonal changes, differences between the surfaces of continents and oceans, and other factors.

When planning a flight from west to east, favorable winds would be encountered along the northern side of a high-pressure system or the southern side of a low-pressure system. The amount of sun that heats the Earth depends upon the time of day, time of year, and the latitude of the specific region.

It is important to remember that wind shear can affect any flight and any pilot at any altitude. FAA terminal doppler weather radar TDWRinstalled at some major airports around the country, also aids in providing severe weather alerts and warnings to airport traffic controllers.


The network is made up of government run facilities and privately contracted facilities that provide up-to-date weather information. An aneroid barometer is an alternative to a mercurial barometer; it is easier to read and transport.

Weather briefings Prior to every flight, pilots should gather all information vital to the nature of the flight. Layers of the atmosphere. Fronts and major weather systems that affect the general area are provided.Select a Location To view the local weather products that we have available you will need to select your city or a nearby city first.

You can enter the location information into the Local Weather search-box above or Search by Region using the link-navigation below. Some typical reports are aviation routine weather reports (METAR), pilot weather reports (PIREPs), and radar weather reports (SDs).

Aviation routine weather report (METAR) An aviation routine weather report, or METAR, is an observation of current surface weather reported in a standard international format. Aviation Weather Center - includes AIRMETs/SIGMETs, weather synopsis, current conditions, en-route and destination forecasts, winds aloft, etc.

Aviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) - makes available to the aviation community digital and graphical analyses, forecasts and.

Weather data provided by Environment Canada and NAV CANADA NAV CANADA is not responsible for the ADDS, U.S. Wx Cams & NRC websites.

Your time: UTC time: Log out. Weather data provided by Environment Canada and NAV CANADA.

Aviation Weather

Bureau Home > Aviation Weather Services > Aviation Observations > Aerodrome Weather Reports (METAR/SPECI). Aerodrome Weather Reports (METAR/SPECI). Pilot weather reports (PIREPs) Pilot weather reports provide valuable information regarding the conditions as they actually exist in the air, which cannot be gathered from any other source.

Aviation weather reports
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