An introduction to the issue of child soldiers in democratic republic of congo

As he himself stated, "in our African tradition there are never two chiefs In addition, of those who left received support to reintegrate though school, access to training for professional qualifications, or activities that generate revenue.

Clark and David E. Helping them to try and rebuild their lives, he tries to re-integrate them into society. He was deposed inthe result of his failing health, and weakened grasp on the country.

The vice governor-general on the ground had a state secretary through whom he communicated with his district officers. Portugal flirted with the French at first, but the British offered to support Portugal's claim to the entire Congo in return for a free trade agreement and to spite their French rivals.

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From the violent Belgian imposition of colonial rule by King Leopold II who regarded it as his personal fiefdom and called it the Congo Free State but apparently never once went there himselfmillions have been killed.

Collectively, these forced the natives to deliver all ivory and rubber, harvested or found, to state officers thus nearly completing Leopold's monopoly of the ivory and rubber trade.

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From that year onwards, the Congolese rubber sector started to generate vast sums of money at an immense cost for the local population. The recruitment and use of children by armed groups remains a major challenge, notably because armed groups and informal militia continue to multiply, which prolongs the crisis.

6 questions about the issue of child soldiers in DRC

Early on, the FP was used primarily to campaign against the Arab slave trade in the Upper Congo, protect Leopold's economic interests, and suppress the frequent uprisings within the state. White employees were forbidden to leave the country.

This has been in the backdrop of the genocide when more thanmainly Tutsi Rwandans were slaughtered. European countries were either providing independence, or fighting it—attempting to postpone the inevitable. More Information Brief Background As with most conflicts in Africa, the current situation has much to do with the legacy of colonialism.

That is why we Congolese, in the desire to conform to the traditions of our continent, have resolved to group all the energies of the citizens of our country under the banner of a single national party. These companies were outraged by the restrictions on free tradewhich the Berlin Act had so carefully protected years before.

Both expeditions set out in December Many of the black soldiers were from far-off peoples of the Upper Congo, while others had been kidnapped in raids on villages in their childhood and brought to Roman Catholic missions, where they received a military training in conditions close to slavery.

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Quite aside from the merits or weaknesses of Mobutism, the MPR drew much of its legitimacy from the model of the overarching mass parties that had come into existence in Africa in the s, a model which had also been a source of inspiration for the MNC-Lumumba.

He found it in two Iraqi troops who were holding up the offensive. This observation calls for a vast programme of economic development for the areas hit by conflict. He was ultimately responsible for the death of possibly tens of millions of Africans.

International recognition[ edit ] Following the United States's recognition of Leopold's colony, other European powers deliberated on the news. King Leopold II accrued vast personal wealth without ever setting foot on Congolese soil. It is important that all those participating in child protection, whether they be from the government, international organisations, or national or international NGOs, join forces to benefit from adequate financial support, and coordinate their actions in order to efficiently protect children from armed conflicts.

From the district commissioners down to post level, every appointed head was European. But the US continued to deny allegations of its involvement.

Inthe US Secretary of State said, "The Government of the United States announces its sympathy with and approval of the humane and benevolent purposes of the International Association of the Congo.

Congo Free State

The "voluntary" work was merely forced labourand by the late s most Zairians avoided their Salongo obligations. Additionally, the colonial administration liberated thousands of slaves.

Article 38 states that "State parties shall take all feasible measures to ensure that persons who have not attained the age of 15 years do not take a direct part in hostilities.

While exploring the Congo for Leopold, Stanley set up treaties with the local chiefs and with native leaders.UNICEF is committed to doing all it can to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in partnership with governments, civil society, business, academia and the United Nations family – and especially children and young people.

A Duty to Protect: Justice for Child Soldiers in the DRC In the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, children as young as six are routinely recruited by militias and taught to kill.

It is estimated that 8- to year-old-children make up 60% of combatants in the region. From U.S. soldiers having to fight children in Afghanistan and Iraq to juvenile terrorists in Sri Lanka to Palestine, the new, younger face of battle is a terrible reality of 21st century warfare.

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Democratic Republic of Congo In Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) we support the reintegration of children formerly associated with armed groups.

We do this by promoting practical, community-led initiatives, including our current pilot programme to help former girl soldiers return to education. INTERVIEW SPECIALIST – For the International Day Against the Use of Child Soldiers, Sabrina Cajoly, coordinator of the Working Group for the Protection of Children, answers six questions about children in the forces and armed groups in the DRC.

An introduction to the issue of child soldiers in democratic republic of congo
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